Jim Skinner Music
The First

"All Original Music" CD
by Jim Skinner

A Drought At The Fountain Of Reason

Featuring the following songs:
(Click on the song title to hear a small sample of the tune!)

Battle Of The Green               9:06
Hold On To Me For Love      3:55
The Coolerator                       3:44
Cry Rivers                              5:19
Hats Off To Mr. Faustus         4:23
Well Allright!                          3:56
Slipping Into Shelter                5:16
Cornbread And Whippets       5:46
Doomed Voyage                    10:53
Locust Mountain Rag              1:57

Words And Music by Jim Skinner
Copyright 2003,  Jim A Skinner

Cover design and Fractal Artwork Copyright 2003, Jim A Skinner

All Vocal and instrumental sounds on this production were
Played or Generated by Jim Skinner

Recorded at Jim's Recondiment Studio
Westville, OK  
January through July, 2003

Recording, engineering and production by Jim Skinner

No animals were harmed in the making of this aural presentation

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A Few Thoughts On "A Drought At The Fountain Of Reason"

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A Drought At The Fountain Of Reason